We are currently offering our 2008 ALIÉNOR Grand Vin at $65 per bottle, and still have a very few cases of the 2005 and 2006 vintages that we will sell at the same price on a first call first served basis.

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ALIENOR is a tribute to Aliénor of Aquitaine and to the substantive contribution she made to the fine wines of Bordeaux when, eight weeks after the annulment of her first marriage with Louis VII King of France, she married her second husband Henry Plantagenêt in 1152, soon crowned Henry II King of England in 1154, and ascended the throne of the Kingdom of England after once being Queen of France.

As Queen of England, Aliénor shared the sustaining traditions of her native Aquitaine by turning vast areas of France, among them the region of Bordeaux, into English territory. During her reign, grape production and wine export, already an important part of everyday life in Bordeaux, grew to levels unequalled before or since.

Queen Aliénor’s remarkable contributions to Bordeaux in the 12th century deserve ongoing and contemporary recognition, which we offer in this bottle of Grand Vin. An accomplishment in the spirit of Aliénor, prepared in a tenor steeped in the traditions of Saint-Emilion wines, yet informed by centuries of practice and refinement, the wine itself is dernier cri that retains the finer qualities of that which has since been all but forgotten by the world outside Aquitaine.

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